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What is maiko couture?
The high-performance skin care line
maiko couture has been developed specifically for aging
and sensitive skin. It draws on the water-holding, moisture-retention and coating powers of
the natural ingredient sacran, extracted from the rare algae, Aphanothece sacrum.  

maiko couture products contain no additives or ingredients beyond those necessary to moisturize and protect the skin. No chemicals are added that can stress and irritate the skin. All ingredients are carefully selected according to strict scientific standards. A synthetic product may give you a marvelous texture through the use of chemical ingredients absorbed by the skin. But what happens when synthetic polymers used to improve texture remain on the skin? The effects and function of such unnecessary ingredients on the skin are unclear. If you are looking for a skin care line in which these substances are entirely absent and that meet rigorous scientific standards for safety, then you have found one in maiko couture.

Only plant-derived ingredients and natural oils that penetrate smoothly into skin are used. Pinus pinaster bark extract, which has a strong antioxidant function, and isodonis japonicus leaf/stalk extract, which has collagen-producing and collagen-promoting effects, are compounded in the anti-aging night cream. You will never find synthetic perfume, synthetic colorant, synthetic preservative, petroleum surfactant, paraffinum liquidum, silicon, acrylic system thickener, synthetic polymers, or ethanol in any
maiko couture products. The raw materials used in maiko couture (except for the face wash**) are all derived from plants.

Sacran behaves differently depending on the concentration used. In low concentrations, the sacran molecules remain far apart. In higher concentrations, sacran forms a delicate film that retains moisture and acts as a barrier against irritants by thoroughly coating the entire skin surface. In
maiko couture products, we use the term absolute concentration to mean the necessary concentration for sacran to achieve its unique moisturizing and protective effects.

*Scientific standard refers to the standards set up by scientists as well as the safety and effectiveness of a particular combination of ingredients.
**The Face Wash combines plant raw materials with a synthetic agent. This was necessary for two reasons: first, these ingredients are required to produce a fine-textured foam, and second, these ingredients do not remain on the skin and are quickly washed away. We use a mild preservative that does not hurt the skin.