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What kind of ingredient is Sacran?
Sacran is a naturally occurring polysaccharide extracted from Aphanothece sacrum (edible freshwater cyanobacteria). Its structure and characteristics are very similar to polysaccharides like chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid that are made by the human body. One unique quality of sacran is its superior water-retention and moisturizing capacity.
What kinds of preservatives do you use in maiko couture products?
We only use plant-derived preservatives, such as propanediol from corn, lactobacillus/wasabi
Japonica root ferment extract, and leuconostoc (Korean pickle lactic bacterium)/radish root
ferment filtrate.
I feel a tightening sensation on my skin when I use the Serum Gel Lotion by itself. Is my skin really being moisturized?
Since the serum gel does not contain added synthetic glycerin, which gives a smoother feeling
on the skin, our product may feel different at first. However, you can feel confident that sacran is
doing its job of moisturizing and protecting your skin. The tightening or stretching feeling you experience never comes from dryness but is evidence of sacran’s complete coverage of your skin.
The Night moisture Rich Cream feels a bit sticky and doesn’t spread as easily. Why is this?
Our night cream is prepared with only natural oil ingredients and without the synthetic oily polymers and silicone substances that generally improve spreadability. While you may feel some
stickiness or reduced spreadability, these characteristics of the cream are also evidence that the
product is made only from high-quality oils that do not irritate the skin.
How long does each product last before running out?
Although usage varies from person to person, the Cleansing Foam, applied twice daily in the
morning and evening, lasts about a month. The Serum Gel Lotion, Milk Cream, and Night moisture Rich
Cream, last 1.5-2 months, 2-3 months and 2-4 months, respectively.