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Company Information
Sales agency: Sacrum Laboratory Co., Ltd. 
President: Reiko Kaneko
Directors: Mizuno Oowada, Shinichiro Kaneko
Sales Manager: Yuko Sakai
Adviser: Noki Tsuji

Established: 1.31.2014
Address: 4-12-25, Nagaminehigashi, Higashiku, Kumamoto, 861-8038 Japan
Telephone: +

Message from the Company executives

When we first encountered sacran, we were amazed by this superior water-retentive and moisturizing ingredient found in nature. Interestingly, sacran behaves differently depending on the concentration used. In low concentrations, the sacran molecules remain far apart. In higher concentrations, sacran forms a delicate film that retains moisture and acts as a barrier against irritants by thoroughly coating the entire skin surface. In maiko couture products, we use the term absolute concentration to mean the necessary concentration for sacran to achieve its unique moisturizing and protective effects.

Taking advantage of these wonderful characteristics of sacran, we worked hard to develop a skin care line that could be safely used long-term to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. Our motivation has always been to produce scientifically sound products that are safe and fulfill many women's dreams of healthy and beautiful skin.

All ingredients in our products have been carefully selected. We considered that even if a product contained sacran, with all of its wonderful qualities, the presence of other ingredients could interfere with sacran’s desired function and end up causing dry, rough skin. Therefore, all of our ingredients have been tested for safety and do not burden the skin with unnecessary chemicals. While the feel of our products on the skin may differ from other skin care products made from synthetic ingredients, our first priority is to protect your skin with a superior, naturally derived product.

We hope that our skin care line maiko couture is the skin savior you have been looking for, especially if you are troubled by sensitive skin or worry about exposing it to harsh and synthetic chemicals found in other products. Of course, our research tells us that anyone, regardless of skin type, can benefit from maiko couture products.

Let us give you healthy, beautiful skin with maiko couture, the skin care line made from truly natural ingredients!


Dr. Maiko Okajima received her Ph.D. in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2004. She has been a researcher in the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at Osaka University and the Department of Materials Science at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. In 2012, she served as a visiting researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.